Dog spikes for sale

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Dog spikes for sale

dog spikes for sale

Dog spikes for sale

I am a dog, cat, and rabbit expert with over 20 years of hands on experience. I can not say enough positive things about my past clients. I treat each and every pet with dignity and respect. I will take all the steps to make sure you are successful with your situation. I am a real animal person not a money person. I make my money from the other side of the fence by breeding rare sire dogs and breeding quality bitches. I am passionate about what I do. Dog spikes for sale

Dog spikes for sale

I am a true animal person, not a money person. I will treat all my animals with dignity and respect. I have bred and cared for the most rare pedigree sires and bitches in my career. I have never put my money before an animal or an owner. I treat my animals and my clients just like family. I have my own stud farm where I rse pedigree sires for the show ring and show dogs for the obedience ring. I also have a very successful breeding kennel with all pedigree puppies avlable for sale. I am a true pet person. When you hire me for your situation, you will know that you are in good hands. My clients are very happy and satisfied.

Dog spikes for sale

If you need a kennel or breeder for your dog or you are looking for a stud dog or puppy that has some of the best pedigrees in the business, give me a call today. I am located in the northeast but I love working with out of state clients. I can deliver my stud dog or puppy to you or you can come here. My stud dogs and puppies are not for sale, only stud services and puppies. If you are a breeder, I can breed any pedigree in the world. I work with top breeders around the world, including Japan, Germany, Mexico, South Africa and the U.S.

I am a true pet person. I have bred and rsed over 100 pedigrees at my farm and I would love to meet you and your dog. My kennel has all the puppies that I have avlable for sale and they are all very sweet and gentle. Please contact me today with any questions or if you want a stud dog.

New York Puppies

We are located in Doylestown, NJ just a half hour from NYC and Westchester County. All of our puppies are micro-chipped, vaccinated and have been wormed and have received a first shots. We offer a 3 month genetic health guarantee. We also offer puppies who are not registered in a puppy buyers registry. So, you have no worries with your future puppy!

We offer the finest breeding, pet and companion dogs. Our puppies are all bred to produce the best working and sporting dogs. We also breed for the purpose of showing and competing. All of our dogs are tested and we can also have your dog tested.

We offer the best in genetic stock as well as the best in pet and companion breeding. We guarantee quality in all our stock.

We do our very best to have puppies at birth. We are open year round and are ready to start as early as November and as late as April.

I have a kennel on 5 acres of land with a fenced yard and a barn.

We have the breed of your choice of any size or shape. Please feel free to call or eml me anytime. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Our puppies are sold as pets,companions or as working dogs or breeding stock.We are located in New York, PA and in New Jersey with shipping to Westchester,Nyc and surrounding areas.

All of my puppies are rsed with love and care and are rsed from birth to become companion dogs or as working dogs.

We have both Blue and Yellow coats.

I have 2 litters currently of puppies but any that are looking for new homes can go to their soon to be new homes.

We are located in Doylestown,NJ just a half hour from NYC and Westchester County. All of our puppies are micro-chipped, vaccinated, wormed and flea/tick sprayed.

If you are in need of a puppy for you or your family please feel free to call or eml me with any questions. I promise a good time and great experience in looking for that special dog for your family.

We have a litter of very sweet and loving puppies ready for delivery. Puppies are AKC registered. Puppies come with health certificate, pedigree, written report and photos.

Eml us for more information

We have a beautiful litter ready to be delivered. We are located in Westchester County New York.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Please feel free to call us any time to speak with us or if you are interested in reserving a puppy.

We are located in Westchester County,NY.I can have puppies delivered as early as December and as late as May.

As of 3/27/18: All puppies avlable for adoption $800 each.


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