Swans: Elegant duck birds

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When swans find a partner, they stay with them for a lifetime. You can find more interesting details about these animals in our picture gallery! Wonderful and elegant animals, these swans! - Image: Shutterstock / YK The plumage of the beautiful bird is usually completely white - Image: Shutterstock / Monica Viora Black swans are completely black except for the red beak - Image: Shutterstock / Tatiana Katsai The animals feed mainly on aquatic plants - Image: Shutterstock / Dmitrij Skorobogatov Swan pairs are very loyal and bond for a lifetime - Image: Shutterstock / Paul Reeves Photography The swans' nest mostly consists of twigs, aquatic plants and grasses - Image: shutterstock / SNEHIT Swans then hatch four to six eggs in this nest - Image: Shutterstock / Zocchi Roberto After birth, swans look after their offspring - Image: Shutterstock / Igor Borodin And sometimes the little ones are even carried on their parents' backs - Image: Shutterstock / Karel Gallas

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