Do corgis get along with other dogs

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Do corgis get along with other dogs?

They get along with other dogs as long as the dogs are all in a large enclosed area and there are no fights. I think most people have noticed that if you leave two or more corgis together in the house they will play. If you put a corgi and a husky or a pitbull together it won't work well.

Corgis are a little different then huskies and pitbulls but all three are considered great playmates. My dog is a husky and he gets along with any breed, although he is usually the one with the most control and doesn't play. But if you have the time to take him for a ride, go to the beach and just let him roam, you'll be amazed.

Yes, they get along well. One of mine plays with other dogs, although they both are big and powerful. It's interesting that some of the breeds that are small and sweet like corgis get along well with big dogs, but others that are just as sweet, but are big and powerful don't. I'd have thought that they would be good friends. I can't say it's true for the most part, because I do know of two dogs that did not get along at all.

I used to be a Corgi breeder (about 20 years ago) and have a lot of friends who owned/still own them. They all get along just fine with other dogs, and especially with children and cats.

I used to have a big guy who could get the most ferociously protective of his kids when they were little. He's a Corgi/Lab mix and a big dog himself. But I don't have to worry about him taking off on another dog now. He's only interested in the kid, and the kid is only interested in playing.

I have had corgis since they first came out and have had them for over 10 years. My first was a white one and now I have a black one. They get along with my other dogs which are labrador, boxer, shih tzu and other smaller dogs. They are also good with my cats as long as they are in their crate and not in the room with them. I believe a corgi will protect its family so if the other dog gets out of the crate they will try to get in there. We also had a dog fight when a neighbor's dog was walking up to my front yard and the corgi was trying to get the dog away from my little dog who was with me at the time.

I do believe corgis get along with dogs with a little more aggression or with a breed of dog they don't know. I have owned 2 corgis before and they have always got along with any dog. But if they are in a crate and they are afrd of their dog, they can get out and run and it will scare the other dog and the dog will stop. I have also had a dog try to play with my corgi and she got bit and it happened so fast that they didn't even try to get out of the crate.

Corgis and my dog are great friends. I don't think they are a threat to each other unless they are in a fight. They just play around like two dogs who like each other. I have had a dog and a cat try to fight over my corgi, and he was just sitting on their bed and they were just playing around. He would jump off to chase them out of the bedroom.

If you have a corgi and a bull mastiff and he gets out of his crate I don't think he would hurt your mastiff. My mastiff is not a very aggressive dog. I know because when I used to leave the kids home with him alone and I would go out to my truck and then come back in I would get him out of his crate. My dogs were always inside so the only one they could really hurt was each other. I have had corgis come up and put his face in my face while I am in the truck so I know they will defend themselves. The corgi is not a little dog. They can grow to be over 30 pounds, and they get along with other big dogs. The only problem would be that a bull mastiff has an attitude, and corgis are not usually known for being dog that get offended. They have their own way of getting attention and it can be very hard to get it from a bull mastiff.

We used to have a pit bull when our Corgi was very young. We got it when she was a pup, and they lived with us for about 5 years before we got rid of it. I don't think they would like each other at all.

Corgis do get along with dogs they've never met before (not the same as being able to tolerate them) if they've been around them for a while, play well with them, etc.

However, when I got my dog I saw him first as a puppy, and so he and the other dogs I had at the time were introduced. One of them was an 80 lb. German Shepherd, and they got along fine. That was several years ago, and now we have a lot of family dogs that we get along with. I never got to see the 80 lb. Shep's side of it, but the kids tell me they got along with the other dogs at their house, and were the least likely to chase one another or hurt one another.

I would definitely advise people to get their dogs out in the open at some point, especially if they've got small dogs or small kids. It's much better to introduce them when they're little. I wouldn't think twice about getting my dogs to play with other dogs, as long as they know what's what.

I think the biggest thing about getting along with other dogs is that they do have to be introduced. I know it's not in my book, but I was reading a book called "The Bark" about a big male pitbull and a small female corgi. He gets excited and tries to play. She runs away and hides.


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