How to find a good dog physiotherapist

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Finding a good dog physiotherapist is not always easy. This is mainly due to the fact that the professional title "dog physiotherapist", like the name "dog trainer", is not protected. You can find out how to put your dog in good hands here. A good education and experience are two important aspects in dog physiotherapy - Shutterstock / msgrafixx

The dog physiotherapists deal with complex treatment methods such as acupressure, electrostimulation, heat and cold applications or specific movement exercises. In order for your dog to really get help, you should entrust it to someone who can satisfactorily answer the following questions:

Checklist for good dog physiotherapists

If you have found a dog physiotherapist, you should clarify a few important questions before starting treatment. The most important questions are about his training as a therapist: Did he do any training? Where did he do it? Experience and references are also important: was he able to gain enough practical experience and is he familiar with different dog breeds?

Every good dog physiotherapist should carefully inform yourself about your dog and its condition and clinical picture before treatment. Does the therapist ask for a diagnosis from the veterinarian and at best for X-rays or the like? This is a good sign because it shows that he wants to pinpoint your dog's health. However, you should be sensitive to the question of whether your dog is taking medication or not.

Dog physiotherapy: course of treatment

Dog physiotherapy can help your four-legged friend if he is in pain. Does your dog have ...

You should keep this in mind during treatment

The dog physiotherapist should examine your dog thoroughly after taking the medical history - i.e. analyzing its medical history - for example, scanning the body and taking a close look at the gait of the four-legged friend. Depending on the treatment, the dog physiotherapist usually gives you tips, information and important instructions as homework.

Ultimately, you can recognize a good dog physiotherapist by how he deals with your dog. Is he sensitive, careful and passionate about it? Listen to your intuition and have each step explained in detail.


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