"Away from my owner!" Dachshund defends owner

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A girl and a boy fool around a bit in this video and apparently practice kickboxing. When the boy lifts his leg and tries to kick the air, the dog standing next to him understands the situation completely wrong. "You are attacking my mistress? Wait, you will pay for this!", One can hear the small, confident Dachshund thinking that immediately begins to defend the surprised woman against the attacker.

With his short legs, he chases the startled boy and barks loudly, while his mistress has a delicious amusement and praises her little protector extensively. But as soon as the friend of the girl wants to get closer to her, the four-legged friend barks loudly again and jumps towards the attacker. The boy's last attempt to get closer to his girlfriend is also thwarted by the self-confident doggie: The funny animal even chases the intruder down the entire aisle at lightning speed. A real watchdog, this dachshund! Good guy!

Little dachshund puppies to fall in love with


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