Healthy food supplement for cats with fur changes

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When the coat change in cats In spring and autumn, nutritional supplements help them to fit in time with healthy fur. Read here how you can best support them. The cat can be supported in the change of fur with food supplements - Image: Shutterstock / Poprotskiy Alexey

Changing the coat is a strenuous process for the cat, which can be at the expense of the animal's skin and hair. With a little extra care by combing and brushing as well as suitable nutritional supplements, shiny, healthy fur and a top-quality parlor tiger are also no problem during the change of hair.

These supplements help

In pet shops, online delivery or at your veterinarian you can get various preparations that support a healthy skin and hair appearance of the cat. These contain, for example, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, zinc, minerals, vitamins or biotin and are added to the feed every day.

But also special wet and dry food for fur care is available in stores or from the veterinarian and is worth considering if you have a long-haired tiger or one who has a hard time changing fur every year. In any case, remember to change the food slowly and ask a veterinarian for advice on which special food is suitable for your cat.

You can give that additionally

Many cat owners swear by oil changes to the food when changing fur for a good reason. Most house tigers have no objection to a few drops of salmon, hemp or thistle oil in cat food - just try whether your four-legged friend also tastes good, because the caring effect will soon be noticeable in the fur.

Four times healthy cat grass for your house tiger

Cat grass has many health benefits - especially for domestic cats because it helps the digestion ...

The addition of malt (for example in the form of malt paste or malt treats) also helps your cat to digest the hair balls swallowed when cleaning. But be careful that the corresponding preparations do not contain sugar. And last but not least, you should provide cat grass during this time, because that is what the cat needs when changing hair.


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